The Booke of Thenseygnementes

La Tour Landry, Geoffroy de. The booke of thenseygnementes and techynge that the Knyght of the Towre made to his doughters. London: G. Newnes, 1902.

  1. How The Matyns And Houres Ought To Be Said
  2. How Good Doughters Ought To Fast Till They Be Maryed
  3. How Yonge Maydens Ought Not To Torne Their Heedes Lyghtely Here Ne There
  4. How A Woman Sprange Vpon The Table
  5. Of The Woman That Gaf The Flesshe To Her Honndes
  6. Of Them That Take First Newe Gyses
  7. Of A Lady That Dispended The Four The Parte Of The Day For To Araye Her
  8. Thensample Of Eue Oure First Moder
  9. How Men Oughte To Sette And Put Theyr Children To Scole
  10. How Euery Goodwoman Ought Toanswere For Her Lord
  11. How No Good Woman Ought To Ansuere To Her Husbond Whanne He Is Wrothe
  12. How The Good Lady Ought To Loue And Drede And Also To Bere Feythe Vnto Her Lord
  13. The Next Chappytre Sheweth How Be It That A Woman Haue An Euylle And Felon Husbond...
  14. Thexample Of The Folysshe And Vnwyse Vyrgyns, And Also Of The Vyrgyns...
  15. How The Wymmen Ought To Be Charytable After Thexemplary Of Our Lady
  16. How Euery Good Woman Ought Wel To Kepe Her Renommee
  17. How Before This Tyme Men Punysshed Them That Were Diffamed
  18. Thexample Of A Good Wydowe


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