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Musica Mystica. XXI CD 2 1418.

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"This CD project is an extension of the music produced for the Mystic Women of the Middle Ages television series. This explains its anachronisms: the harmony used here is often tonal rather than modal and the orchestration is often far from that of 800 years ago. A sound track usually allows a fair amount of freedom and does not claim to present an authentic repertoire; its only purpose is the best possible evocation of a place, a period, a feeling or an atmosphere. I had to arrange and compose some of the pieces in this collection; others borrowed from the medieval repertoire, are presented in the simplest possible way, since any modern arrangement would have detracted from their essential truth and strength. This ancient religious music seems, at first glance, to be very simple, but it gradually reveals its power and complexity, in the way that a tree trunk sends forth intricate branches. One of the challenges of this project was to bring to life the amazing mysticism experienced at this time with such strength and sincerity and with a fevor and an intensity that we, as Cartesian rationalists, sometimes find difficult to understand.

The contributions of the other musicians have been invaluable, especially Angèle Trudeau who helped with the le Trudeau who helped with the selection of pieces as well as Cathie Hermann who also worked on their Translation"

- Grégoire Jeay

Born in Bordeaux, France in 1962, Grégoire Jeay came to Montreal in 1970 with his family. After having studied with several flutist (François Codère, Gisèle Millet, Liselyn Adams) he completed his Bachelor's degree at Université de Montréal and advanced training at Concordia University. Grégoire Jeay is principal flute at the Montreal Baroque Orchestra (MBO). He has appeared in concert in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, France, Belgium, Mexico, and Turkey.

His repertoire with the MBO comprises several concertos by Vivaldi, C.P.E. Bach, Boccherini, Handel and J.S. Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 2. A number of his concerts have been recorded on Radio-Canada (CBC) and Belgian radio.

He participates also in a few CD recordings among others with the Boréades Ensemble directed by Francis Colpron. Recently, he recorded with the violinist Olivier Brault the 6 sonatas for flute and violin Opus 51 by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier on ATMA label. Apart from the MBO, he is a member of various ensembles: La Compagnie Machaut; Ensemble Da Sonar, directed by Réjean Poirier; and Les Malurons, a group devoted to the folk music of New France and to Medieval dance.

On top of his activities as flutist, Grégoire Jeay makes compositions, arrangemtns and computer recording and programmation. He conceived several sound tracks for different events: music for a painting show, advertising and also arrangements and realisation for the CD of the singer Pier Noli. Futhermore, he wrote a play for youth audiences (Le Visiteur (The Visitor), for Youth and Music Canada) which aims at initiating them to Baroque Music.

The Musica Mystica CD is currently available for CAN $20, all taxes included. Please contact Dr. Madeleine Jeay, or Dr. Kathleen Garay for ordering and shipping information.

Angèle Trudeau, soprano
Catherine Herrmann, soprano
Betsy MacMillan, viola da gamba
Grégoire Jeay, flute
Sean Dagher, sistre
Stefano Pando, lute
François Tailleffer, percussion

Pieces performed:

"Rei Glorios"
Composer: Giraut de Bornelh, ca. 1180
Arrangement: G. Jeay
[used in Court - Chapel]

"Comment qu'a moy"
Composer: Guillaume de Machaut, 1300- 1377
Arrangement: Betsy MacMillan
[used in Worldly Enchantments Tent]

"Jesu Cristes Milde Moder"
Composer: Anon - England, 13th. century
[used in Religious in the World]

"Procurans Odium"
Composer: Anon - Carmina Burana, 13th. century
[used in Court - Banquet and Worldly Enchantment]

"Saltarello V"
Composer: G. Jeay
Arrangement: G. Jeay
[used in Court - Banquet and Worldly Enchantments Tent]

"Laude Novella"
Composer: Anon - Italy, 13th. century
[used in Court - Banquet ]

"Stella Splendens"
Composer: Anon - Libre Vermell, Montserrat, Catalunya, 14th. century
[used in Worldly Enchantments Tent and Virtual Medieval Paris]

Music from Mystic Women of the Middle Ages Television Series
© La Compagnie Machaut, Montréal, Canada.

Belle Doette [used in Opening Sequence]

Gedeonis Area [used in Christine's Home Page, Life cycle]

Main title music [used in Nunnery Home Page]

Procurans Odium [used in World of Work]

Brio One Breere [used in Chapel]

Aurora Surgit (Female vocal Ensemble). Ergo sum resurrectio: Gregorian Chant for the Dead. Alessio Randon, Soloist and Director. 1995 HNH International Ltd. CD: Naxos 8.553192, February 23, 1996. "Ceremony entering the Enclave" Gregorian Chant for the Dead - Dies Irae
[used in The Anchorite, Widowhood/Death and The Wretched]
Selection used by permission of Naxos of Canada Ltd..

Benedictine Nuns of the Abbey of Regina Laudis. Women in Chant: Gregorian Chants for the Festal Celebrations of the Virgin Martyrs and Our Lady of Sorrows. CD. Sounds True, 1996.

Bells of Jesu Fili Mariae [used in Day in the Life]

Regina Caeli [used in Day in the Life - Compline]

Saint Agnes: Ecce Quod Concupivi [used in Day in the Life - Matins]
Selections used by permission of Sounds True.

Bourgeault, Rev. Cynthia. CD: Singing the Psalms: How to Chant in the Christian Contemplative Tradition. Sounds True, 1997.

Psalm 100 and Incense Rite [Day in the Life - Lauds and Vespers]

Psalm 137 [used in Chapel - Steps]

Magnificat [used in Chapel - Steps]

Selections used by permission of Sounds True.

El Cant de la Sibil-la. Alia Vox. Direction by Jordi Savall. CD: AV 9806, ABM 100, 1999.

Bells [used in Chapel - Choir]

Fanfare [The Court]

Interlude - organ [used in Court - Chapel]

Introduction - guitar [used in World of Learning]

Gregorian Chants Grand Prix du Disc
Trappist Monks' Choir of Cistercian Abbey (Side A) / Chants of Nuns at a Benedictine Monastery (Side B).
From Treasury of Gregorian Chants, Vol. II, SD No. BSCD 514.

Ceremony of Taking the Veil [used in The Chapter House]

Victimae Paschal! [used in The Chapel - Choir]

Lumen Hilare (Rite of blessing the light in the evening service) [used in The Chapel- Steps]
Vexilla Regis [used in The Chapel - Steps]

Ave Maris Stella [used in The Chapel - Steps]

Improperia [used in Chapel - Choir]

Reproduced by courtesy of Everest Records/Bescol, Ltd. P. O. Box 6999, Beverly Hills, California, 90212.

Music of the Later Middle Ages and Renaissance. McMaster University Collegium Musicum. Recorded by Mirador Productions, 1994.
O Ecclesia [used in Timeline - Hildegard de Bingen]
Messa de Nostre Dame - Kyrie [used by Timeline - Machaut]
Selections used by permission of Dr. Susan Fast, McMaster Collegium Musicum.



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